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  • Where Is the Mirror?
    by Debra Vernon By the time you read this, Christmas 2021 will have come and gone.  More than likely, the latest and greatest toy you bought for your child(ren) has already been cast aside, as they create imaginary forts and dungeons out of the cardboard boxes their gifts came in.   I bet you spent a […]
  • The Legend of the Wabash Cannonball
    by Mary Murkin  PREFACE:  One of the most famous train songs of our American folklore is that of the Wabash Cannonball. This song debuted in the late 19th century as anonymous hobos made up verses about this mythical train and shared them with all of their brethren. The geographic run of this train was from St. […]
  • Growing up in  Randolph County.
    By WT Cox Memories are precious things. They enable us to keep a part of our life experiences with us as we grow old.  As I recall events from my youth growing up here in Randolph County, some events seem just as real today as they did many years ago. We have memories of life events […]
  • Yellow Checkered Shirt
    Today as I was getting ready for church, the shirt I put on triggered a memory and I began reminiscing about my childhood.  I was privileged to have grown up around my grandparents when I was young. We lived just across the road from their farm, and my dad worked with his father in the […]
  • The History of Zack White Leather Company
    Almost every small town has at least one store, shop, or restaurant that is unique. It may be a family bakery that has existed for generations or a clothing store that sells designer creations made by the owner. Whatever the type, these remarkable one-of-a-kind businesses give us our rich culture and history and make exploring […]
  • Ramseur’s Own “Mother Teresa”
    The Wealth of Community Series Ms. Tony Marley We would like to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful lady many people affectionately refer to as Ramseur’s own “Mother Teresa.” Ms. Toni Gilmore Marley will turn 100 years “young” this December 15th. Over the years, this remarkable lady volunteered thousands of hours for local […]
  • Thy Will Be Done
    by Debra Vernon Change – it is something everyone must deal with, often daily. We start to do one thing, then pivot in another direction to manage another task that has captured our attention. Other times, change comes knocking at the door in the form of good news or bad, and again we must adapt […]
  • TEA TALK: Make Tea, Not War
    by Mary Murkin Tea is here to stay! It has been an important part of our history; no less so in times of conflict. There was that little bit of business back in 1773 in the Boston Harbor that seemed to put our treatment of tea in a bad light. This was a key event […]
  • Of Raw Eggs and Smashes
    By Jimmy Moody Several years ago out third rock witnessed a partial eclipse.  I happened to be visiting the Ramseur Library at the time and thought I’d stroll down the street and take it all in.  I was raised on Main Street and it was my playground until we moved two miles away when I […]

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