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Antoinette (Toni) Gilmore Marley

Our son calls “Miss Toni” the Mother Teresa of Ramseur. When there is an illness, accident, death or any kind of family crisis Toni Marley will be the first person to visit with a casserole or dessert and consoling words for the family. She quietly notices if there are things that need to be done and immediately pitches in to help. 

Toni visits the elderly and persons confined to their homes. She makes regular visits to those who reside in care facilities in Ramseur and Asheboro. She seems to have that sixth sense that tells her if there is a special concern.

Toni has been a member of Jordan Memorial United Methodist Church since she was a teenager. She has been youth director, Sunday School Teacher and has served in numerous offices and committees. She is currently a member of the member care team and the adult choir. She supervises the kitchen at the church and coordinates all church meals whether for fellowship or for fundraising. 

Toni is an active member of the United Methodist Women and attends district and conference activities. Over the years she has served as president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer as well as offices within her small group circle. 

She coordinates the bereavement meals that are served to church members’ families prior to or following a funeral. She also coordinates fundraising activities for United Methodist Women.

Toni is an active member of Church Women United of Randolph and is currently serving as treasurer of that organization.

In December, 2003 a food pantry was established by the churches in the Ramseur area. Toni attended the organizational meeting and continues to serve as an active member of the coordinating board. All food and work are provided by volunteers. Each church provides volunteers every six weeks to keep the food pantry open. Toni is in charge of staffing the pantry with volunteers from Jordan Memorial United Methodist Church. During those weeks Toni works at least one day and often more. She collects and delivers the food donations to the Ramseur Food Pantry and also to the Christian United Outreach Center in Asheboro.

Those of us who are younger than Toni marvel at her energy and enthusiasm. She sets the pace for the rest of us. We could certainly learn time management from her. I can think of no one more worthy of being recognized for service to others.

Emily Johnson

Historian Jordan Memorial United Methodist Church

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