The Price of Freedom is High

This Memorial Day, we remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we, as Americans can enjoy that freedom. Today, many aspects of our Freedom are being chipped away at every day. Let us never forget the sacrifices of the brave men and women of past wars and conflicts who have given us the rights we enjoy in this country.  There is no greater treasure than the lives of our young people. Let’s honor their memory and sacrifice with the building of a greater America. One that stands for every person. Our rights are worth fighting for. There are no words to describe the picture below. History should be taught the way it was, without political considerations. Remembering our past is the best way to plan for a future.  For this reason, Memorial Day is our most sacred national holiday.  Memorial Day was derived from the desire to remember those fallen during the Civil War.

AN AMERICAN CEMETERY IN BELGIUM (one of many scattered over the world).  German prisoners of war, assigned to grave digging, trudge through the large American First Army cemetery near Henri Chapelle, Belgium.  More than 15,000 Americans had found their last resting place here by March of 1945.  By May of ’45,  American casualties on all fronts were nearing the million mark.

*Photo taken from “Pictorial History of the Second World War, 1946, Vol 4”