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Christmas Day at The Harvest House

Reason for the Season – By Teresa Canoy

I live in the country – farm girl, caterer/baker. In 2006 God gave life to a dream and a venue came to be. My name is Teresa. Teresa means to harvest/harvester; and so it was named.

After opening Thanksgiving Day in 2006, many asked if I was opening for Christmas. I repeatably said NO…Out of disappointment and plans changing came a blessing of gifts that continue to be given every Christmas season.

Before Christmas of 2006, in 2 days’ notice, I had 50 plus guests (gifts) for Christmas supper.

Fast forward 2 years and many still remember the spring of 2008, food cost and gas prices skyrocketed. Businesses suffered and many closed their doors.

That summer I almost single-handed was a one-person work staff. I still remember that Sunday morning in September as if it was yesterday. Laying in bed still dead tired with severe pain, it hit me. As my thoughts drifted to Christmas day I cried uncontrollably knowing that there was not going to be money to pay for the Christmas meal that year.

Four days later on a Thursday, a bride’s mother, Mrs.Jettie House, called me and said ”Please don’t get mad at me.” She had told their church congregation about Christmas at Harvest House after Brittany’s wedding in May of 2008. She stated, “This past Sunday, I mentioned you to my Sunday school class.”

Jettie told her class she had not spoken to me since May and I hadn’t asked for this in any way. That Sunday morning of September 2008 she asked her Sunday school class of they would be willing to pay for Christmas at The Harvest House. Their paper circled and totaled $502. That was the exact same morning that I was crying the hardest and didn’t know how I would afford to do that year’s Christmas Meal.

This was very hard to tell without it breaking my voice, the hair standing on the back of my neck, or the raised bumps on my skin for a long time. I don’t hesitate to admit that I am hardheaded and stubborn and God knocked me out of breath and flat on my back with this one. I take no credit for any of this, it is all God working through me.

With Covid-19 and 2020 being a different year for all of us, I feel strongly in my heart that God does not expect me to cancel Christmas, although it may be different, the Reason for the Season will remain the same.

The house and barn will be open this year with room for social distancing. Mask and a fresh glove at food tables will be required. Drive-thru will be available beginning at 2 pm.

The meal will wrap up at 6 pm this year. Please feel free to call ahead of time. Leave a message. Christmas Day I may be too busy to answer the phone so come on out anytime between 2 pm till 6 pm. Please be patient, I will get everyone with drive-thru served as quickly as possible. Any volunteers are welcomed.

This is a free Christmas meal, however, any donations will and have always stayed in the community to help others in need. If you plan on attending for sure, please call to help with the planning of food prep.

Harvest House

6282 Old Siler City Road

Ramseur NC 27316

336-824-2784 (Day or Night)

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