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What Mothers Really Want

by T. Hill

Growing up in a big family with many cousins, nieces, and nephews, I always looked forward to having children of my own when I was an adult. Fast forward 30 years, now a Mom of 4 I can’t help but look back at what seems like yesterday when I first became a mother. Seeing that little human for the first time, holding her, and feeling her little fingers for the first time. Every one of your senses is on high alert, making this a lasting effect on a mother that is just the hardest thing to ever be able to put into words.

I can say as a mother myself that once that little human being arrives, there isn’t anything in this world that can tear you away from him. No matter what challenges occur over the next 25+ years of their life, your deep unconditional love for that child never falters.

In the same respect, I am very blessed to still have my very own Mom living here with me. Everyday is an enduring bond of love, happiness and yes, sometimes the occasional frustration. I am very honored and have the utmost respect for her even more as a Mother, especially since I have experienced what she did for us. Fortunately I can thank her everyday for all of her sacrifices.

So when someone asks me what it means to be a Mother and why, the answer is quite clear and resolute. 

To feel so privileged to have been given these gifts, these lives, and entrusted to help create strong productive human beings who are not only beautiful on the inside, but who will be able to someday show and share the love and beauty we have passed on to them to everyone they come in contact with. My hope is that they will someday be able to feel and experience the same love that I have for them.

So as we approach Mothers Day this May 9th, I challenge each of you to look at the Mom figures in your lives, and see what beautiful things are in them, what sacrifices they have made over the years. Then after you thank them for all they have done (and warm their day with some pretty flowers or chocolates), ask them the same question:

What does being a Mother mean to you? Why?

You may be surprised and warmed by the answer you hear, and maybe it will change your life!


Mother: Being a mother means loving unconditionally no matter what, loving your child even when they’re at their most unlovable…why? Because my father God has loved me at my most undesirable, unlovable moments….it means leaving the door open no matter how many times they leave always making sure your home is open to them as a safe haven, a retreat to come and regroup, recharge and get back at it!! It means asking for forgiveness for the mistakes we make parenting along the way. We aren’t perfect. Our kids need to know that it’s ok but we love forgive and move on…using tough love when we have to.

Daughter: It means always being there for my daughter teaching her how to be a young lady, how to take care of herself, how to love and be kind. Why? Because my mom was always there for me and did/does all those things for me.

Mother: Being a mom means staying up all night to watch your child sleep just to make sure they are ok. It means having an aching pain in your heart when you find out something is wrong with your child and YOU can’t fix it. Then showing them how to be strong and remember that GOD isn’t going to give them more than they can handle. It means letting them make mistakes but still having your arms open to embrace them. It means never cutting those “strings” completely but loosening them enough to watch them grow into something amazing ❤️

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