This section is a celebration of our past.  We believe that our past are building blocks for our future.  This area has a rich history dating back well before the American Revolution.  Many people living here today can trace their family roots back multiple generations right here in Randolph County.  We want to highlight the many accomplishments of our citizens and their impact on our world.



The Broom Company

Don Wrenn wrote a story for The Courier-Tribune in 1961 profiling the Ramseur Broom Works. Yes, brooms, thousands of them were made in a factory down along the railroad. The plant was capable of making 2400 brooms a week that were sold to textile mills and the consumer market through grocery and chain stores. The […]


History of the Deep River Rail Trail

The Deep River Rail Trail has been a beautiful addition to the Eastern part of Randolph County. The trail makes its way through Randleman, Franklinville, and Ramseur. Following along the Deep River, where it gets part of its name. The “Rail” bit comes from its history as a rail bed.  It began in 1879 when […]


Red String and Randolph County

What Does Red String and Randolph County have in common? Did you know that Eastern Randolph County was considered one of the most anti-war areas during the Civil War?  Our Quaker heritage made this area a haven for deserters and a stopping point for the underground railroad were run-away slaves were directed north to other […]


Brady Manufacturing Company

Brady Manufacturing Company, located in the town of Ramseur, NC, was incorporated in the state of North Carolina on March 30, 1948.  The corporate officers were Herbert F. Brady, Sue S. Brady, and C. Julian Brady.  The purpose of the business was the manufacture of handkerchiefs.  In the following month of June, the textile plant […]

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McAlisters, Asheboro, The Lost Colony, Grandfather Mountain, What Do They Have In Common?

The “Outlander” Series has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions and fueled interest in Scottish History and intrigue.  However, if you have roots in Randolph County you don’t have to travel through the stones……..look no further than your own backyard.  I first attended “The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games” in 2006.  The Clan McAlister Society […]