Contributing Works Poems

Mama’s Hands

by Debra B. Vernon

My Mama’s hands are precious, there are no others to compare

For Mama’s hands have given me the very best of loving care.

They’ve put my hair in ponytails and sent me off to school

And they’ve been known to paddle me whenever I broke the rule.

They’ve been placed upon my forehead when a fever I would run

They’ve shielded my eyes when little to keep out the glaring sun.

Many times, they’ve reached down to me and brought me up into her arms

And there I was protected from any kind of harm.

They’ve made me many birthday cakes when that special day came ‘round

And when little legs did falter, they picked me up from off the ground.

They’ve helped me do my homework, made me pretty clothes to wear

And when burdens came heavy on me, they took them off for her to bear.

They’ve wiped the tears away from my eyes when things weren’t going right

They’ve held me when my fears would come in the darkness of the night.

I’ve seen them reach out to others to help in times of need

I’ve seen them toil in the garden and plant the tiny seed.

I’ve seen them clasped in prayer as she did service for her Lord

They’ve turned the pages of a Bible as she taught to me His word.

There are no mortal limits to what my Mama’s hands can do

Because she loves me very much, and I sure love her too!

They’ve done so very many things, all too numerous to recall

And that is why my Mama’s hands are the most precious of them all.